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3303 Capitol Hill Crescent NW
Calgary, AB T2M 2R2

West basement entrance. Go down the ramp to the left of the main entrance stairs.

La Coccinelle is a French immersion preschool in Northwest Calgary, Alberta with programs for 3 to 5 year olds. Since 1981, this non-sectarian school has been run on a non-profit, co-operative basis by experienced teachers, a volunteer board and parent helpers. La Coccinelle offers a carefully planned program of learning experiences for children in both structured and unstructured activities that contribute to their physical, social and intellectual development. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace through free play, games, music, preschool activities and crafts. In this fun environment the students are introduced to the French language through a daily routine with a responsive teacher.


Madame Claudette Pelletier

Madame Claudette comes to us as a native of Montreal, Quebec. She graduated from Edouard Montpetit College with a Law Assistant diploma and in 1996 moved to Calgary with her husband and two children. Here she followed her true passion – teaching preschool children. She began as a part-time teacher in 2000 at Pomme de Reinette where she excelled in story telling, puppet shows and group singing. Her savoir-faire and passion for teaching have enabled her to thrive in her chosen profession. Madame Claudette’s dedication is further evidenced by having achieved the highest level of certification in Early Childhood Education as a Child Development Supervisor. Preschool often offers children their first foray into life beyond the family; Madame Claudette is honoured to be part of this special time. They will be involved in the marvelous, the extraordinary and the magic of preschool. 


Mlle. Olga Turcan

Prior to immigrating to Canada with her family in 2013, Olga’s vast experience includes 5 years as an English teacher in primary classes: grades 1-4.  She graduated from Moldova State University, with a Licentiate in Philology in the field of Philology, and a specialty in Modern and Classic Languages. Olga’s career in Canada began alongside Madame Claudette Pelletier, where she acted as a French language preschool assistant teacher for a one year duration, during which she gained experience and confidence. Later, Olga worked at the same preschool for 6 years; 5 of which she acted as primary French teacher. With level 1 childcare certification already under her belt, Olga is currently in the process of completing level 2 childcare certification at Bow Valley College. Olga enjoys interacting with children through play and participation, and loves seeing them smile, enjoying daily classroom activities, and encouraging their interest in learning a new language. Learning through play, song and movement are important aspects of Olga’s philosophy as an educator.